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PNC Consumer Services is one of America's largest business process outsourcing provider of consumer lending

Our turnkey solutions provide best-in-class consumer loan service and origination through the entire credit life cycle for many of the world's leading financial institutions, helping them reduce costs and increase profits.

PNCCS is an entirely North American-based operation, with more than 1,000 professionals staffing our loan operations center and call center. Unlike other business process outsourcing providers, we combine our state-of-the-art technology and proven business practices with your brand strategy and lending criteria to deliver exciting new products and unparalleled service to your customers.


Moody's affirms PNC Consumer Services' Rating of SQ2+ as a Primary Servicer of Home Equity Mortgage Loans more


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Learn how PNCCS helps you increase shareholder value, gain a competitive advantage and excel in customer satisfaction.
Learn how PNCCS helps you increase profits, reduce expenses and grow the lending business while managing your margins with unit-based pricing.
Learn how PNCCS delivers the technology and operations solutions for your lending program that keep your institution competitive and compliant today and in the future while mitigating your future investment costs.